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2015 / 3 / 16

瞧古今 - 台北當代設計展
Mind the Gap - Bridging Design and Chinese Tradition



3/7-3/9 深圳會展中心5F
攝影: Hubert Kilian

2012 / 9 / 25

Biennale INTERIEUR 2012
Presented by Galerie Sofie Lachaert

the works of HAN Gallery will be exhibited at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2012
at Kortrijk, Belgium, along with other selected works from the gallery.

More stories coming up soon.


2012 / 7 / 10

ROUND-and-FULL-NESS in a Contemporary Sense 當代圓滿

July 25~Aug19, 2012
21, sec 1, Mingshen East Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan

After a long journey exhibiting at the Designmuseo Helsinki and Ventura Lambrate Milan, the first collection of HAN Gallery finally travels back to Taipei, Taiwan to make its first public appearance in its hometown.

The phrase "Round-and-full-ness" in Chinese language means "fulfillment in every aspects of life". It is an idiom commonly used by elder generations, traditionally referring to the overall success in the mundane aspects of life.

The idea of "Round-and-full-ness", so powerful as it has been regarded the ideal way of life for the Chinese, however, is outdated because it is associated with the values of the past generations.

The curating focus of the exhibition follows the central philosophy of HAN Gallery, to re-interpret Chinese culture and to translate them into contemporary contexts with a fresh eye, also to comment on the superficial “modernistic” approach that is overwhelming not only in Taiwan but also in many parts of Asia.

Eight concepts, which were proposed by participating designers in order to contribute to the central theme, are divided into four groups to articulate the phenomenon from their unique, contemporary angles. The themes and the works are, respectively:

-Plastic Classic, by Pili Wu
-Plastic Ceramics, by Pili Wu

-Mirror Lattice by Tong Ho
-Bamboo Steel Tables by Nendo

-Lace Bowls by Gina Hsu
-Brick Plan by Rock Wang

-Bubble Chair by Kevin Yu-Jui Chou
-Calligraphy Screen by Poching Liao

( photo credit : HAN Gallery )

2012 / 4 / 20

Designworld – Designing the New World
Jan 27- May 13, 2012

Since January 27th through May 13th, 2012, five works from HAN Gallery will be exhibited at the Design Museum Helsinki, as a part of the city’s celebration as World Design Capital 2012.
Produced by Design Museum and curated by the museum’s director Jukka Savolainen, Designworld – Designing the New World considers various areas of contemporary design and the significance of the design sector at the levels of society, ecology and the individual. The exhibition addresses current issues and proposed solutions with reference to international and Finnish design concepts, projects and products. Design Museum’s exhibition schedule for 2012 is part of official programm of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

Participating designers and their works:
ROCK WANG- Brick Plan
KEVIN YU JUI CHOU- Bubble Armchair
GINA HSU- Lace Bowls
PILI WU- Plastic Classic (lacquered limited edition)
PILI WU- Plastic Ceramics

( photo credit : HAN Gallery )

2010 / 4
Pili Wu will present "GloballyLocal" project
with new Taiwanese Brand "Yii"
during the Salone del Mobile Milano 2010 @ Triennale di Milano.

2011 / 4
Pili Wu’s work will be presented and sold at Ilivetomorrow gallery. H.K
-“ Industrial Craft ” Apr 20- May 10.