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2015 / 3 / 16

Pili Wu作品將代表臺灣參與2016世界設計之都系列展覽活動

2016世界設計之都在台北 - 2015 杜拜設計節
Embracing WDC 2016:
Taiwanese Design Shines in Dubai

16th ~ 20th March, Design Days Dubai 2015

Taipei, World Design Capital 2016

Taipei has been appointed as the World Design Capital® (WDC) 2016 by ICSID(International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)- only the fifth city to receive the honour to date

following Torino (2008), Seoul (2010), Helsinki (2012) and Cape Town (2014). In fact, since 2012, Taipei has participated in several international design fairs such as Helsinki Design Week, Dutch Design Week, Design Indaba Cape Town, 100% Design London, designEX
Sydney, and Tokyo Designers Week.

「New Craft」entering 2015 Design Days Dubai Taiwanese Design has actually been developing over the last 40 years, designers and artisans from all over Asia are drawn to the country to be inspired. Taiwan has many traditional crafts such as bamboo weaving and wood carving, in recent years Taiwanese designers have been blending these with more contemporary materials and manufacturing processes to create some very unique pieces. Through Taipei’s status as World Design Capital next year, the city aims to seize an opportunity to let the world see how Taipei’s brilliant creative energy can be applied to develop design both at home and internationally.

“New Crafts-Taiwan contemporary craft transformation” is curated by Taiwan Designers’ Web, a Taiwanese creative studio focusing on promoting the country’s design environment and connecting the world with local design and designers

The exhibition “New Crafts-Taiwan contemporary craft transformation” hopes to present an interesting collection of works that encompass Taiwanese traditional craft and contemporary vocabulary. Designer x Artisan, Re-interpretation of traditional craft
Many traditional industries have declined under the impact of industrialisation and globalisation, the collaboration of designers offered an opportunity to regenerate these ancient crafts.

(image credit : Taiwan Designers Web)