Local Hybrid /客閩混血





Hsiao-Ju Wu (Pili Wu), son of a Nantou Hoklo father and Hualien Hakka mother, I have the blood of these two ethnicities, and I am a local hybrid.

This design concept originated from the different ethnic backgrounds of my parents, helping people to get to know themselves by the mirror concept. Taiwan has experienced Dutch colonization, the Koxinga rule, the Qing dynasty, Japanese colonization, until the R.O.C. government came to Taiwan, this little island has the cultures of all different ethnicities, and due to the development and combination throughout the course of years with different background and customs, these different cultures has gradually merged into our daily lives.

This design proposes the concept of hybrid Hoklo and Hakka, as an attempt to discover the hidden cultures within ourselves, the right side (bowl) represents easy-going nature of father, which is a representation of Hoklo people’s fun-loving and hospitable characteristic; and the left side is a sloped bowl representing the frugal side of my mother, such bowls are easier to contain food, while treating the guests properly. The hybrid Hoklo and Hakka concept reflects the emotional bond between these two ethnicities’ that has long been present on this island, as well as represents the new generation of hybrid Taiwanese.

Taiwan Designers Week