the original idea from the daily object.

the original idea from the daily object.

Pili Wu & Craft-Man / 李存仁 @ Triennale di Milano 2011, during the Milan Design Week.

Roadside banquets and street vendors are seen everywhere in Taiwan, and the most commonly seen objects at these places are the pink plastic dishes and bowls, no matter large or small, they all have their unique “rib column” support structure, such structure not only lowers the cost of production, but also provides more strength to the layer of plastic.

The “Plastic Ceramic” concept smartly combines strong plastic imagery with sophisticated ceramic techniques, enhancing ceramic craft with elegant “Rib Column” structure, thus finding a balance between thin layered ceramic and supportive structure, as well as presenting a new ceramic style that is both artistic and useful, showcasing an interesting link between modern life and traditional crafts.

award / Good Design Award 2014 (JP)

  • For Yii

  • Date 2011

  • Type eggshell porcelain

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