2010 Yii @ Triennale

An “Industrial” product is to create an object which could result in the largest economical benefits possible, hence such objects are designed in a way which could be mass produced, modular, and efficient in transportation; whereas a “craft” product are usually defined as objects handmade in limited amounts with extremely delicate details, or even be related to invisible, sometimes spiritual, values such as the prestige of arts collection or the nostalgic thoughts revoked upon encountering such products.

IKEA is known as a global brand and plays a key role behind the mass produced furniture market, yet people never stop and ask themselves, whether they’ve lost their own steps amidst such rush of globalization; and at the same time, IKEA, an exemplary globalized industrial brand, has created a huge contrast against the sophisticated craftsmanship of local Taiwanese traditions.

The “GloballyLocal” series is created in hopes of combining Taiwanese traditional crafts masters with IKEA, letting local craftsmen to work on the industrial products manufactured by IKEA and showcase Taiwanese traditional crafts. Low cost and functional products of IKEA are enhanced with unique and delicate Taiwanese crafts such as traditional carpentry, silversmith, glass art, etc.

Global brand IKEA meets Taiwanese crafts, generating a new meaning for its modern-style objects. A skillfully lacquered and decorated chair loses its everyday dullness. A typical IKEA table leg is covered with a wood-carved decoration depicting the deity of protection, Guan-Yi, riding a dragon. An ordinary lampshade gets a transparent porcelain cover with a pattern inside portraying a mythical battlefield of tigers and dragons – which is brought to life when the light is switched on. A new lampshade for a desk light turns a plain light bulb into a mysterious fireball, adding stories to dull industrial products, as well as enriching Taiwanese crafts culture while also helping such global products to stand out from the crowd, therefore redefining the stereotype and breaking boundaries of crafts and industrial products.

p.s “ This is NOT a collaboration with IKEA ”

  • For Yii

  • Date 2010

  • Type lacquer, cypress, eggshell porcelain, color glass, silver

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