D-Team for 台東好物



棉麻屋 and 向陽工坊 are both located in Taitung, originally each on their own world, both creating elegant handmade items of different natures. 棉麻屋 has developed a more distinct style over the years, whereas 向陽工坊 is more of a lecture and manufacturing workshop.

This project looks to combine 棉麻屋’s developed style with 向陽工坊’s carpentry techniques, and create a new form of local industry, one that crosses different materials and backgrounds, extending 棉麻屋’s products range into the house ware category, providing customers with more choices as well.

Hats are considered an important styling element, and it’s what 棉麻屋 first began producing. This house ware series is an extension of their original hat products, turning cotton and hemp into objects that help define customers’ sense and style.

a social design project – “Hat Family” 2014
cooperate with local craft-man:
棉麻屋 Cotton & 向陽薪傳木工坊
base in Taitung, east part of Taiwan.
designed by PiliWu-Design team

  • exhibited in 2014 Taiwan Design Expo

  • For 台東好物

  • Date 2014

  • Type cotton, wood

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