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Ilivetomorrow @ Beijing Design Week 2012

In Asia, the classical Ming-style chair is recognized as a symbol of social status and taste. Conversely, the widespread presence of the molded plastic stool is overwhelmingly abundant because of its low price; making it another kind of “classic”.

By uniting the distinguishing features of the two contrasting icons, namely the loop arm-rest and back of the Ming chair and the seat and legs of the plastic stool, Plastic Classics creates a “classic” hybrid. This chair with two personalities plays between histories and backgrounds, and challenges our perception of value.

The limited edition hand lacquered version demonstrates the unique beauty which can only be achieved by this thousand year old technique. The color gradation is the result of the gradual process of lacquering layer by layer by the master artisan.
It is a collaboration between HAN Gallery and ILIVETOMORROW gallery, Hong Kong, produced in limited edition of 99 pieces. (2 Artist Prototypes, 4 Gallery Proofs, 93 in production).

° The original version of Plastic Classic chair is designed by Pili Wu and produced by ILIVETOMORROW LIMITEDunLIMITED Editions. It is crafted from beech wood and available in natural wood and various colors.

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