the idea sketch
(LC2 by Le Corbusier & traditional LOOP Chair)

the Big Loop side table



於中國家具歷史中,並無「沙發」這項名詞,顧名思義,沙發屬於西方引進之家具名詞,並深深影響現代全球居家思維。 1928年,現代設計大師Le Corbusier突破了舊制沙發的繁複構成與架構,於CASSINA提出了LC2沙發的設計構想,也因此定義了現代及未來沙發的設計藍本(以單元泡綿構成的系統性沙發)。

BIG LOOP希望在東方團桶圈椅的架構下,巧妙的放大比例,並延續西方現代沙發構成方法,以單元泡綿與可拆換的織品布套,放至於木製的木框結構裡。



Big Loop Series

What would happen, when traditional Ming furniture meets contemporary sofa?

This design is a conceptual sofa proposal, designed for 2015 Shenzhen Furniture Fair.

The term “sofa” doesn’t exist in the Chinese furniture history, it’s rather a Western object that has deeply influenced the global home decor scene. Le Corbusier revolutionised the complicated form and structure of old-style sofa in 1928, when he designed the LC2 for Cassina, which set the cornerstone for contemporary and future sofa designs.

Big Loop is an attempt to subtly expand the proportions of the furniture, under the same structure of traditional Chinese loop chair, in consideration with contemporary Western sofa components, using modular foam and changeable fabric covers, and placing them in a wooden structure.

This design isn’t a symbolic gesture to showcase the Oriental style, but finding a balanced modern design between two different worlds. With Chinese aesthetics as the body, and Western influence as a tool, designs are made to satisfy the modern Oriental users.

  • For TPDG

  • Date 2015

  • Type wood, metal, cotton

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