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從四首詩中,不仿發現傳統東方於四季中,賞景飲用不同茶、酒、湯之情趣,而四時既事 – 套杯組,將東方自古盛裝不同湯水之容器,如 碟、杯、碗、盅等器物,以蓋碗的形式設計成套的套杯組合,包含:

春碟(點心盤) 、 夏杯(啤酒杯) 、 秋碗(熱茶杯) 、 冬盅(湯碗)



服務客戶 / 品家家品 JIA Inc
專案設計師 / 張惠晴 柯政瀚

JIA Inc Collaboration Project

4 Season is the tale of Jia Bao-Yu’s daily life in the Da-Guan Garden, and scenes of life with the sisters throughout the four seasons, as depicted in the Chinese classic novel The Dream of the Red Chamber.

Upon a closer inspection of the poem, we realise that different tea, wine, soups are consumed during different seasons, using different utensils; and the 4 Season set presents those utensils in the form of lidded bowls, with a twist on their form and function to meet a more contemporary demand: Spring Plate (for snacks), Summer Glass (for beer), Autumn Bowl (for tea), Winter Cup (for soup)

These four items form a picturesque image when stacked together, providing a visual feast while indulging on delicacies. A full meal may also be served using the 4 Season set, from appetiser, drink, main course to dessert, presenting four seasons with four dishes, as if painting a picture on the dining table.

  • For JIA inc

  • Date 2016

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